Four Reasons You Should Call a Car Accident Attorney Sooner than Later

As an accident victim, you have many things to deal with following the crash. Typically, you may be sustaining an injury, thinking about when you can return to work, and wondering how to pay for your medical expenses. But, apart from this, you should be working with one of the best car accident attorneys Los Angeles as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Evidence Many Disappear

Evidence like tire marks on the road with disappear after some time. Also, there may be vehicle parts left at the crash site that your lawyer can use as evidence. These parts may be cleaned up or taken by the party who caused the accident, so proving fault can be harder for you to do. It is best to collect evidence soon after the accident and while you are trying to get medical attention, your attorney can collect it for you. 

The Memories of Witnesses May Fade

Usually, statements from eyewitnesses are vital in a personal injury case. But, memories of witnesses can fade over time. Some witnesses may no longer be able to remember significant details like whether the at-fault driver was distracted or running a red light when the crash took place. While eyewitness accounts are solid evidence, this is only true if they can still remember how the crash occurred. Your attorney can get in touch with these witnesses and get statements from them to help prove fault.

Losses Documentation Should Not be Delayed

Filing a car accident claim will help you get the compensation you need for your expenses and losses because of your accident. Thus, you need to document your losses from the get-go. Although you may have records of your medical expenses, your lawyer will document other losses like transportation costs when you go to your doctor’s appointments. 

You Need an Expert to Deal with the Insurance Company for You

The insurance company of the at-fault driver will contact you soon after it has been notified about your accident. When it does, it will try some tactics to discount your injury claim. They may request a recorded statement from you, hoping that you say something they could use against you. Your lawyer can speak with the company for you from the start, ensuring that your case won’t be hurt. Also, they can negotiate a fair settlement with the company to ensure you only get the compensation you deserve. By contacting a lawyer sooner than later, you can avoid making costly mistakes. 

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