Hit and Run

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Most people love driving vehicles. They enjoy the rush they get when it is speeding and conversing with air. It is an enjoyable feeling. At such times, it is critical to note that it is still you who is controlling the vehicle, not the other way around. Also, no one can stress enough the topic of traffic light and rules. Most people are responsible while speeding; they follow the traffic rules and take precautions to keep others and themselves safe. But the same does not apply to others. They forget the safety of others while enjoying the rush. They may even hit someone, and in a panic, may flee the scene. They may hit another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. It is called a hit-and-run case. It is one of the direst traffic offenses if not handled correctly and lawfully.

What is Hit-and-Run?

Under the law of California, there are three types of traffic violence. The hit-and-run comes under the misdemeanor and felony, depending upon the circumstances and the nature of the crime. Hit-and-run happens when someone hits a vehicle/person/bicyclist and flees from the crime scene. There are multiple reasons for it happening, such as –

  • DUI
  • Overspeeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Attention not on the road

In such a situation, the victim can choose to file a case against the culprit. If, for example, you hit a standing car or a person but stays to apologize and pay for the damages or injuries, the person may let it slide and not pursue any legal actions against you. But if you flee from the crime scene in panic, the person may file charges, or you might get caught in a CCTV camera. It can complicate your situation even more. Under Vehicle Code 20001 of California Law, if you flee the scene and the person you hit has received grave injuries or has passed away, your misdemeanor converts into a felony. Where in misdemeanor you were getting at most a year in jail, that figure can reach 3-4 years in the felony. Also, you will have to pay a fine of up to $10000. It can turn your life on a worse path.

How to Handle it?

Prevention is always better than cure. So the first thing you can do is drive responsibly – drive under the speed limit, never be a part of DUI, be attentive. Even after these precautions, you end up hitting a vehicle/person or damaging private or public property, do not flee the scene. Stay there, offer any help you can and present your identification to the authorities. If you take all these steps, it will work in your favor. Fleeing the scene will paint you guilty, but stopping there will build trust in the eyes of the judge and the jury. So even if the law treats your case as a felony, you can expect leniency in the jail sentence.

Sometimes, due to unpredictable circumstances, you may find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, maybe you were present at the scene with the same model used by the culprit, but they are already gone. If the victim confuses the culprit’s vehicle with yours, you can get in trouble and even in jail. If you happen to face this problem in the Rancho Cucamonga region, you can ask your friends or family to search “bail bonds Rancho Cucamonga” on a search engine to contact a bail bonds agent and apply for bail. They also provide legal help to anyone in need.

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