How to Get Compensation for Defective Products

Getting a defective product can be a disappointing experience, especially if that defect has caused harm to you or your children. A product defect is defined as a product that works unlike its intended use, for which it has been designed. These products can also be classified as defective if they cause harm to the consumer.

The manufacturer is required to keep quality control over their products, otherwise, serious injuries can be caused. If you have suffered such an injury, you may have a compensation claim for which the manufacturer will be liable. Here you will learn how to get compensation for product liability.

Product liability”, is an area in the law that entitles people who received a defective product to place a compensation claim on the manufacturer of the product. However, first, you may need to identify how the product may be defective to be sure whether or not you have a compensation claim.

Below is a list of the types of product defects that you can get compensation for:

  • Manufacturing defects

Defects that exist due to a mistake during the manufacturing process, unintentionally, fall under this category. Such defects are easy to remedy, they usually only require fixing of screws etc. Examples of manufacturing defects can be shirts with loose buttons, improperly manufactured plastic and/or loose screws.

  • Design defects

When the design or quality of a product is imperfect, the product may be considered to have a design defect. These defects are usually created because of inconvenient design or the failure of the manufacturer to maintain quality for their product. A bed with 3 legs, for example.

  • Marketing Defect

Sometimes, the instructions or manuals that come with a product are inaccurate. You may also find some false claims in marketing, for such situations where a marketing defect causes injury – or even death, the manufacturer will be liable.

You may have a compensation claim if the defect reaches the conditions or can be categorized into one of the above. Contact a lawyer as quickly as you can if you believe you have a claim. It is important to have a legal team on your side. And we are here to make sure you know everything about it.

Pedro Aylin
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