Statistics of Divorce

Divorce has turned into a common occurrence in the U . s . States and round the world. Based on divorce statistics, it’s believed that between 40 % and 50 % of first marriages finish in divorce within the U . s . States. In certain countries, divorce rates for first marriages exceed 50 %. Second and third marriages within the U . s . States have greater divorce rates. Statistically, second marriages fail for a price of 60-67 percent, and third marriages fail for a price of 73-74 percent.

Divorce statistics show there are quantity of explanations why marriages fail. Based on divorced couples, the main reason why marriage fails is a result of either too little communication or poor communication. The 2nd most reported reason behind divorce is martial conflicts and arguments. Thirdly, many divorced couples say infidelity brought to divorce. While fundamental essentials primary reasons reported for divorce, statistics show there are several underlying factors that lead to those trends. These 4 elements include, but aren’t restricted to: age, education, earnings, religion, and cohabitation.


Statistics reveal that individuals who get wed within their mid to late-twenties are less inclined to get divorced that individuals who marry in a more youthful age, which this age bracket is commonly happier in marriage than individuals couple who marry later in existence. For divorced couples younger than 20, the ladies are more inclined to initiate the divorce whereas for divorced couples older than 20, the boys are more inclined to initiate the divorce.

Education and Earnings

Education and earnings both lead to divorce statistics. Data implies that a husband and wife having a greater education along with a greater earnings is less inclined to divorce than the usual couple with lower education minimizing earnings.


While several religious denominations show a rather lower divorce rate of 21-34 percent, other data shows that individuals without any religious affiliation possess a lower divorce rate than individuals with reported religious affiliations. It has additionally been recommended that pastors of local congregations, for a number of reasons, might not be conscious of the number of divorced couples are really in, and have been a part of, their congregations.


Reports claim that between 40 % and 85 % of couples who resided together prior to getting married had the wedding finish in divorce.

Divorce statistics indicate that about one-4th of adults within the U . s . States happen to be divorced at least one time within their lifetime. Characteristics of people which have a greater possibility of divorce include:

o more youthful age sometimes of marriage

o lower education

o has children from the previous relationship

o cohabitation just before marriage

o intercourse just before marriage

Based on divorce statistics, it doesn’t appear that just one factor plays a role in a couple’s decision to divorce. Although three primary reasons happen to be recognized by divorced couples because the main reasons for divorce, it appears that underlying factors may lead to those issues too.

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