The Many Aspects of Family Law

There are indeed many fields of law; criminal, corporate and family law are all specialised areas of law that require specialist lawyers who are fully conversant with the complexities. In this article, we will closely examine the areas of family law, to help you gain a deeper understanding of how family law works.

  • Divorce & Separation – When two people decide to end their relationship, there are aspects such as property settlement, which both parties need to agree upon, with a form of settlement. Assets such as real estate, vehicles and other assets can be included in this agreement, and family lawyers in Adelaide are equipped to handle such cases, representing their clients in court hearings regarding the division of joint assets.
  • Child Care & Support – In the event children are involved in a divorce or separation, then their well-being must come first, and very often, there is a disagreement with the custody or visitation requirements. The family lawyer would negotiate with your partner’s lawyer regarding these issues, and in the event an agreement cannot be reached, the lawyer would represent you in a family court hearing.
  • Financial Agreements – When two people decide to come together in a relationship, they might wish to protect their wealth by entering into a financial agreement with their partner. This agreement clearly defines what is considered as joint assets and what is not. You might, for example, have inherited assets that you wish to protect and by making a legally binding agreement that comes into effect should you ever separate, you can protect those assets.
  • Care of the Elderly – If you are reaching the age whereby you are concerned about your future regarding healthcare, then a family lawyer can nominate a chosen family member to make decisions on your behalf. If there is a trusted member of your family that you would like to act on your behalf regarding decisions about your care, the family lawyer can have that person to act with power of attorney.
  • Last Will & Testament – If you would like to make a will, the family lawyer is the professional to seek out, as they can word the legally binding document clearly, stating your last wishes.

If you are in need of a family lawyer for any reason, an online search should reveal the whereabouts of a local law firm that handles family matters, and they would be happy to offer their assistance.


Pedro Aylin
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