Underwater Emergencies in Car Accidents

Florida is home to many miles of coastline, as well as rivers and lakes. You must act quickly if you are involved in an automobile accident and your car is in the water and sinking.

Here’s how:

  • Prepare ahead. A keychain with a tool to cut through seat belts or smash car windows can be purchased. This tool is useful when you need to get out of your car quickly, such as when it is sinking.
  • Keep calm. Panic is a dangerous way to use up oxygen and cause you to freeze. This can lead you to waste precious time. You only have a limited time to react to a car accident on the ground.
  • Make sure you use your seconds wisely. An average vehicle can float for 30 seconds or 120 seconds before sinking. This is your best chance of getting out safely. Do not waste this opportunity by calling for assistance.
  • Keep your doors closed. Roll down or break your window, instead of opening it. You will have to struggle with your door due to water pressure. You can also sink your car faster if you open the door. So escape through the window.
  • Get out of the car first. Get off the vehicle as soon as you can. Help vulnerable children or adults in the car. You can help anyone in the car by starting with the oldest child or the most physically capable person first.
  • Once out of your car, you can swim to safety to the surface or shore. Or to something you can hold on to.
  • Ask for help. Once you are on the surface of the water, flag others down or call for assistance. You can also seek shelter and warmth if you are in an isolated location.

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