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What Happens When You Reject The Settlement Offer For Personal Injury

It is not surprising to know that the insurance company works for its best interest instead of the victim. The sole aim of the insurance company is to roll out a minimum settlement to the victim and prove that the victim was partially at fault. 

The company will roll out the settlement offer to compensate for your losses. However, most of the time, the first settlement offer is less than your deserving amount. How the victim reacts to the settlement offer plays a vital role. Therefore, it is advisable not to rush to any conclusions to settle or reject the offer. 

The moment you receive the settlement offer, analyzing and reviewing it with the help of a personal injury lawyer Wyoming will enable you to understand if the offer is worth accepting. 

Can you legally reject the settlement offer?

Rejecting the claim without advice from a personal injury lawyer can be dangerous in many cases. When declining an offer with a lawyer’s presence, they will present reliable facts and arguments as to why you deserve more than the company’s offer. 

After declining the settlement offer, you will no longer be allowed to accept it. For example, if you were offered a $25,000 settlement offer and you decided to reject it, later you realized that the amount provided was sufficient to cover all your losses, you would not be allowed to accept the offer. 

The insurance company also provides a follow-up offer in most situations, but you cannot wholly rely on the same. 

A lawyer can negotiate and make a counteroffer. 

If the first settlement offer is not sufficient, your lawyer can represent your case and offer a counteroffer to the settlement offered by the insurance company. The lawyer will ensure to get reimbursement for all the losses you have incurred. However, when making a counteroffer or negotiating with the insurance company, the lawyer needs to provide sufficient proof and valid grounds for the amount you are asking. 

If the insurance company denies paying the counteroffer or does not negotiate, a lawyer can also help prepare your case to take it to trial. The judge will decide the fault and the compensation amount during the trial considering all the evidence you present. 

Settlement offers are legally complex. Remember, before you accept or reject the settlement offer through a call, email, or text, always talk to a lawyer. Since every case is different, predicting the exact amount is challenging. But since a lawyer has experience working in similar cases like yours, they can help you decide an average reimbursement amount. 

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