Why You Should Have a Trusted Family Lawyer On Your Side

Why get family lawyers in Melbourne? Can’t you just do your own court appearances? The answer is that you can indeed, but you might be putting yourself at a disadvantage without the experience and expertise of family lawyers in Melbourne. Read on to find out more about why you need them on your side.

Knowledge of Law

There’s the possibility of representing yourself in a court of law, but when you have family lawyers in Melbourne available to you, why would you? You could accidentally misrepresent your case, which can have profound negative consequences for you and your family. Family lawyers have an extensive knowledge of family law and know about all the little loopholes that could make such a big difference to the outcome of your case. Don’t chance it – rather than trying to DIY law, get professional family lawyers who can help you get the best possible result for your situation. In addition, family lawyers in Melbourne will know how legislation differs between the Australian states, which is an issue you don’t want to face alone. There really is no substitute for the knowledge of law that family lawyers possess.


One of the main things you pay for when you hire family lawyers in Melbourne is the depth of their experience dealing with cases exactly like yours. When you go to choose a family lawyer, it’s always a good idea to question them about their level of experience with the kind of case you have, and also with appearances in the court room. If their answers aren’t clear, ask if they can provide contact details for past clients who are happy to provide a testimonial over the phone. That way, you can get a greater understanding of how much experience certain lawyers have and what their results usually are.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes it’s not actually necessary to go to court, which is a fact that can save you a lot of time, stress and money. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves a series of different methods for resolving disagreements, including mediation and arbitration. These can be very effective ways to move forward with issues that have been a bother for some time. These processes can often shift issues to reach an acceptable end point. ADR can be a weight off of your shoulders, especially when your problem is resolved without the expense and lengthy wait times of court appearance. Your family lawyers in Melbourne should be able to advise you on whether ADR is a worthwhile option for you to try.

Emotional Guidance

While you’re seeking help from family lawyers in Melbourne, you might be experiencing a storm of emotions. They often pop up throughout the legal proceedings as circumstances change and new information is brought to light. Good family lawyers will be aware of this process and will provide assistance to help you keep your good judgement despite a clamour of emotions inside your mind. Remember though that family lawyers are not therapists, and if you’re experiencing excessive emotional pain, it’s a good idea to seek out extra support from a counsellor or psychotherapist.

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