Four Reasons to Hire a Dental Attorney in Pasadena

Whether you are starting up a dental practice or have been operating one for years, a dental attorney can provide you with more services than just drafting contracts and resolving legal disputes. A great Pasadena Dental Attorney plays an important role in the way you run your practice and can directly affect its profitability. Also, they can anticipate problems and offer you helpful advice on navigating the constantly changing medical-legal field. The following are specific reasons why you may need the services of a dental lawyer:

They Have Extensive Knowledge of the Law

When you run a practice, there are more aspects of the business you may pay attention to than just patient care. Because you are running a business, you must understand the legal implications of business ownership to avoid running into trouble. Your dental lawyer can protect your brand. Did you know that some people can manipulate your brand image against your practice? Your attorney will protect everything from your business name to your logo, and trade secrets. 

They Can Help You Pick a Business Structure

Dentists do not have the same business goals and an attorney can help you pick the business structure that is in line with your specific financial goals. For example, your lawyer can advise you to choose an LLC over a partnership due to the personal liability issues associated with partnerships. Or perhaps they suggest opting for a corporation for tax benefits.

They Can Help with Business Expansion

Should you expand your dental business, your attorney can help you at a lot of levels. For example, they can open your practice to opportunities such as franchising. By franchising, you can capitalize on your brand and grow your business without managing each location. 

Your attorney can warn you of the possible legal risks of expanding. Also, they can inform you of new regulations and legal requirements you must abide by.  In addition, they can advise you when you consider buying another practice. They can tell you if some offers are beneficial. 

Negotiate Leases

Commercial leases are drafted to help property owners get maximum value from their property and provide tenants with little control. That is why you need an attorney before you sign any lease. Your attorney might be the only person who can understand some essentials of a lease including tax provisions, tenant and ADA improvements, recapture clause, right to sublet or assign, relocation clause, and others.  

Pedro Aylin
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